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Biocurious about tweezers

In between time courses I've been reading a M.Sc. thesis by the student who was developing the laser-tweezers analysis of DNA uptake. (You may know him as PhilipJ of Biocurious.)

I'm not an examiner of this thesis; I'm reading it to learn more about how laser-tweezers work. It's very well written, and pitched at exactly the right level for a neophyte like me. Any day now I should decide I've taken the time courses far enough for now, and get back to my attempt to follow in Philip's footsteps.

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  1. Possibly even physicurious!

    I've got my one-way plane ticket out of Vancouver in just a couple of weeks, but if there's any reason that you need to get in touch, there's contact information over on Biocurious.


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