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One step forward, two steps back?

Most of yesterday's lab meeting was spent presenting and discussing the analysis of USS-imposed coding constraints. In doing this I discovered that I still don't really understand what's been done or what it means.

I think this is partly because I didn't do most of the analysis myself. The problem is compounded because I did design some of the analyses I thought should be done, but my collaborator's expertise led her to do somewhat different analyses, and I'm not sure which are good parallels to what I had originally planned, and which are improvements on my initially-flawed plans.

So getting this paper out is going to take more than just polishing the draft manuscript. The first step is to dig deeply into the analyses (with a flurry of emails to the collaborator asking for clarification) so that I do understand exactly what has been done. Only then will I be able to decide if we have what we need.

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