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Manuscript almost ready to go back

Our manuscript about how the CRP proteins of E. coli and H. influenzae differ in their sequence specificity has been provisionally accepted, and the revised version is almost ready to send back to the journal. We weren't able to do the one experiment requested by the editor, but we make what we think is a pretty good argument about why it isn't needed.

The only remaining problem is that some of the figures look a bit weird, I think due to being shuffled between different formats. The dark grey shading in some of the bar-graph bars has turned into a dark grey check pattern. My former-postdoc-coauthor converted the figures into high-resolution PDFs so he could email them to me, but maybe he should instead post them to one of those file-sharing sites where I can download them. I know Google Groups works for this, but I think there are also sites dedicated to this.

The Response to Reviewers letter has been written and revised and polished, so once the figures are sorted out I think I can sit down and do the on-line submission.


  1. I just looked into it and Google Groups allows 100 MB/group for uploading. Not quite enough for all of our figures (112 MB), but in future we could do it piecemeal.

  2. Congrats on the article, though! (Better late than never - I didn't check in earlier)


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