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Well, our manuscript on uptake sequence variation has now been accepted by Genetics.  This is the long-established and highly regarded journal of the Genetics Society of America, so we're pleased.

While sorting out confusion about page charges and open access I discovered that, as of this year,  Genetics is published on-line only (no paper issues).  That's a reasonable response to the dwindling market for paper journals (I can't remember the last time I looked at a paper copy of a recent issue).  And it lets them dispense with any extra charge for colour figures.

But this doesn't mean that Genetics is now open access.  It's still subscription-only access for the first six months after publication, unless the authors pay a $1200 open-access charge on top of the $88 charge per published page ($70 for GSA members) and $250 charge for up to 5 pages of supplementary material. 

GSA membership costs $120, plus an additional $120 if you want an online subscription to Genetics (if you don't have access to an institutional subscription).  So if our article runs 10 pages, we'd break even on a membership.

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  1. Clem WeidenbennerJuly 7, 2010 at 6:29 PM

    Another way to look at the $1200 fee to make your paper Open Access from the start is that it comes to $200 a month (or almost $7 a day).

    I hold Genetics in fairly high regard - a solid journal. I can usually wait six months to get the details. If not - write the corresponding author.

    Congrats on this latest publication.


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