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Who writes this drivel?

My institution has a new fundraising campaign.

Its slogan is 'Start an Evolution'*.  The text accompanying it reads: 
UBC generates ideas that start evolutions.  Ideas that change the way people think and the way the world works.  We see this change as an evolution, one that improves upon what has come before and inspires the generations that follow.
So much for scientific literacy in the Development Office. 

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*Oops, 'start an evolution'


  1. Totally not getting the zombies in the picture. Does "starting an evolution" = "humans die out in zombie apocalypse, opening the door for a new dominant class of vertebrates to emerge"?

  2. Looks like a picture of higher education after the administrators get their way with everything.

  3. The picture scares me more than the words; am I going to be picking electronic trash after I greaduate from UBC?

  4. I finally figured out the trash-picking zombie picture. It's from an award-winning (Emmy?) documentary made by UBC students, about trash-picking cultures in India.

  5. the word evolution has more than one meaning. the Darwinian sense is uppermost in scientific minds but more generally it means the unfolding of a process of change, in which context it works quite well.


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