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We've submitted four (!) papers in the past two weeks: the arseniclife paper, now under review at Science; the RA's E. coli competence paper, submitted to PLoS One after being bounced back to us by Journal of Bacteriology, the postdoc's DNA uptake paper, submitted to PNAS Plus; and the visiting grad student's paper about Gallibacterium anatis competence, submitted this morning to Applied and Environmental Microbiology.

Our big CIHR grant proposal is due at the end of the month.  This is yet another (improved) variant of the DNA uptake proposal we've submitted several times over the past few years.  On those occasions it would have been a second grant, but our current grant will end in September so this time the proposal will be for the renewal of the current grant.  That means its success is more important than in the past.  Again we're fortunate to have a colleague critiquing our draft for us, arranged through a in-house peer-review program that used to be called HeRRO but now might be called something else.

The figure is one we'll be including in the Background section of the proposal.  It shows the predicted cellular localizations of all of the proteins of the H. influenzae competence regulon, colour-coded to indicate the effect of each knockout mutation on DNA uptake.

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