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Typical journal spam...

Dear Dr. Rosemary,

Greetings from Journal of Fungal Genomics & Biology.

Based on your eminent contribution in the field of fungal genomics and biology, we are glad to invite you to submit Research/Review article for our prestigious Journal, Fungal Genomics & Biology. Your contribution is of great importance for us and it will help our journal to establish its high standards.

You can submit manuscript at
 (OR) by e-mail to

You can submit your valuable articles by mid of September, 2012 so that we can publish in the coming issue (or) as per your interest at your earliest convenience.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any queries.

Awaiting for your positive response.

With Regards,
XXXXXX (name redacted to protect the guilty)
Editorial office

And no, I've never published ANYTHING on fungal biology.

I tried to get an image of the journal cover, but all the Omics Group page links are broken:


  1. Sounds like someone's trying to play off the legitimate journal Fungal Genetics and Biology.

  2. I just rechecked the site. The links from the 'Submissions' page the email links to are dead, but the main Omics and journal page links are fine.


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