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Survey results by author's number of publications

A Twitter discussion got us wondering whether author's opinions about CC-BY editing and republication would depend on the seniority of the author.  Perhaps authors who had spent decades building their reputations would feel they had more at risk.  Or maybe authors just starting out would feel that their reputations were more vulnerable.

My $25 one-month Survey Monkey upgrade lets me filter the data for graphing, but doesn't make it easy to export the numbers to Excel.  So here are the charts for each publication category.

I haven't bothered labelling the answer choices because the different publication categories gave very similar results.  Respondents who have yet to publish their first paper feel the same as those with more than 20 publications.

I also tried filtering by whether or not the respondent had published any open-access papers.  This didn't affect the results either.

Later:  I figured out how to get the data into Excel, so here's a graph that allows more direct comparison:

And here are the questions again:

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