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The saga continues...

Reply from the Elsevier Support Person:

Dear Dr Redfield,

Thank you for your reply and apologies for any confusion caused.

Elsevier has established agreements and developed policies to allow Authors who publish in Elsevier journals to comply with the manuscript archiving requirements of funding bodies, as specified as conditions of researcher grant awards, the below is a list of these:

Arthritis Research Campaign (UK)
British Heart Foundation (UK)
Cancer Research (UK)
Chief Scientist Office
Department of Health (UK)
Howard Hughes Medical Institute (US)
Medical Research Council (UK)
National Institute of Health (US)
Wellcome Trust (UK)

As mentioned on the below link:

More than 40 journals published by Elsevier offer authors the option to sponsor non-subscriber access to individual articles. The charge for article sponsorship is $3,000. This charge is necessary to offset publishing costs.

The funding body you mention must agree to cover this cost with you, as the author you are liable for this payment, as Elsevier do not have an agreement with them.

I hope this now makes sense. The funding body you mention can cover the cost however the payment must come from you as the author of the article.


Elsevier Support Person


Dear Elsevier Support Person,

I still don't understand. Are you saying that, because Elsevier does not have an explicit agreement with CIHR, you will not accept a UBC purchase order based on a CIHR-funded grant?

My grant budget explicitly included a line item for open-access publication charges; this was not questioned when the application was approved. If I obtain written confirmation from CIHR that the charge is allowed, will you then accept the purchase order?

If not, what forms of payment will you accept? A bank draft drawn on my personal chequeing account? A charge to my personal MasterCard? A charge to my Institutional MasterCard?

Thank you,


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  1. It's unfortunate that the helpline was not able to provide clearer responses to your questions, but it's frustrating to those of us working on the journal that your blog has been entirely negative about JMB and has never acknowledged your correspondence with the journal manager who has done everything possible to resolve these problems. It has also never acknowledged our correspondence over the copyright/posting policy and the reasoning behind it. To me, it seems like you've presented an intentionally negative and biased view.

    For clarity to your readers, indeed you can pay for sponsored access with your own or an institutional credit card. Whether this money comes from your grant, is reimbursd by the instituion, or comes from another source is up to your institute.


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