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Manuscript genuinely nearing completion?

One of the bioinformatics manuscripts on my desk (on the shelf, on my office floor) has been 'nearing completion' for so many years now that I'd genuinely come to see this as its permanent state.  

The work began about 10 years ago as a collaboration with a colleague in Taiwan, produced interesting results about the effects of uptake sequences on proteomes, and was partly written up and then set aside when the student who had done the bioinformatics graduated and went on to unrelated work.  At that stage I had a manuscript that was fine in some parts but flawed in others. 

About four or five years ago we began a new collaboration with bioinformaticians in Ottawa, initially on another project, but later on a new version of the old proteome project.  That produced lots of data and a new draft manuscript, but we kept finding little problems with the data and getting new ideas for analysis.  And I kept getting setting it aside to work on other things, as did my Ottawa colleague.  

But I can see the light at the end of the tunnel now, and am seriously hoping to get the damned thing submitted by Christmas.  So yesterday I sat down to try to remember where it stood, and to look at the latest (hopefully final) data.  It looks good enough, so I just need to lower my standards and get it done.  (Maybe drinking some of the beer in the lab food fridge will help.)

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