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Contact but not yet two-way communication

So I called Genome BC yesterday, leaving a message asking that they call me back with advice about our eligibility for a Strategic Opportunities Fund grant (given our lack of officially eligible matching funds). They checked out our blogs yesterday afternoon (Hi guys!) but haven't called back yet. I hope they call this morning, because if we're eligible we need to spend the next 7 days immersed in proposal-writing.

Later: They called back. Our lack of confirmed co-funding will be a big problem if we still don't have anything by the panel meeting (Jan. 10). We won't have heard from CIHR by them but should have heard about the NIH postdoc. This Genome BC competition is going to be tight, but we're going ahead, partly because most of the work we do for it will also apply to our NIH proposal, which we need to get to work on anyway.

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