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I've made a movie of DNA uptake!


  1. I could almost hear Scott Joplin's music (used in old silent movies, you might know "the entertrainer") playing while watching this :)

    Which equipment did you use (hardware and software) and how much time did it take you (scripting and filming)?


  2. I originally only planned to use the movie in talks, but was just thinking that the online version needs a soundtrack... I'll have to figure out how to add one - Scott Joplin is a good suggestion.

    I used iStopMotion (the $50 'family' version) and a Logitech webcam, both of which I bought about 10 days ago. My setup was very rough - just a couple of 100 watt desk lamps on a lab bench, with the camera held on a ring stand lying on the shelf above the bench. I spend a week messing around (and doing other things of course) and then did the final version over the weekend.

    Now I have a better idea of what I'm doing I could do a less-jiggly job. I'd love to eliminate the flickering bands of light and dark, but this is apparently caused by an interaction between the camera's virtual shutter and light-intensity fluctuations due to the 60-cycle period of alternating current.

  3. A couple of other problems could probably be eliminated if I used a better camera. This camera has auto-focus that can't be overridden, which caused it to always focus on the center of the image, leaving the surroundings a bit blurred. I'd prefer to sacrifice the perfect focus at the center in order to get better focus farther out. I think the camera must also automatically control exposure, because no matter how brightly I lit the surface, the final images looked dim. The camera has excellent image quality out of the box, but absolutely no user-adjustable features.

  4. This is pretty awesome! And you can eat the materials after filming – quite environmentally friendly, and yummy. Need to make more animations of various cellular processes!


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