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Writing the recombination tract paper

The post-doc and I are finally writing his paper on his Illumina sequencing analysis of recombinant segments in transformant genomes. 

I was initially optimistic that we'd get it done really fast, since he's done so much thinking and analysis and writing about it in other contexts (mainly grant and fellowship applications).  But the thinking and analysis and writing are all so complex that we still have to do a lot specifically for the paper. 

We're pretty well balanced in our approaches; he's mostly trying to make everything as accurate as possible (for the genomics expert readers), and I'm mostly trying to make everything as transparent as possible (for the non-genomics readers).  We're both pretty argumentative, so passers-by often see the fur flying, but we're both reasonable enough that we can usually discover why we disagree and find a solution that we both like.

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  1. Even if we didn't as far as we'd've liked, at least the manuscript exists, rather than being a bunch of muddled R scripts and a few giant sequence files...

    And I, er, agree with you about how, in spite of the arguments, we're really actually solving problems.


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