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All with 40 mM arsenate and 1.5 mM phosphate. Time to set up some 500 ml cultures with 40 mM arsenate and limiting phosphate (~4 µM).


  1. why are the media bottles next to the tubes cloudy? contamination? PLEASE verify that the dna that comes out of your big preps is actually GFAJ-1 before proceeding with mass spec...

  2. Wohoo! Congrats!

    Anonymous, you sound like the same anonymous in the previous post. Why the pedantic tone? Rosie seems like she is pretty good at this stuff, I think it's best to assume she has a reasonable idea about what she is doing.

  3. Yes anonymous, I bet Rosie, being a complete beginner microbiologist, did not notice those two huge contaminated media bottles right next to where she set up her tubes for picture taking. Oh boy will her face be red when a more experienced undergraduate points this out to her!

  4. Well done, Rosie! This has obviously been a very difficult experiment, based on your blog posts. You deserve serious kudos for sticking with this in the name of reproducing others' work.

    Still a ways to go, to be sure, but this is very encouraging news!

    (Sorry if this posted multiple times. I'm on a cross-continental flight and the internet is wonky on the flight.)

  5. Anonymous: Those bottles are not contaminated; they contain larger-volume GFAJ-1 cultures. That's why I included them in the photo.


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