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Publication progress...

We still haven't heard back from Science about our January 30 #arseniclife submission.

We haven't heard back from PNAS about the postdoc's February 3 uptake-bias submission.

But we have good news about the RA's E. coli-competence submission to PLoS One.  It's officially a 'major revision' but she's already done the control experiment they ask for, and the rest is just minor rewriting.

And we have good news about the visiting grad student's Gallibacterium anatis-competence submission to Applied and Environmental Biology.  The reviewers said nice things and asked for only very minor changes.

And we have lots of progress on the manuscript front:  The RA has given me a draft of her new manuscript describing all her work creating a complete set of competence-gene knockouts for H. influenzae, and the postdoc has given me a draft of his new manuscript on H. influenzae recombination tracts.  And I'm nearly finished with my article for PLoS Biology about teaching genetics in the 21st century.

Any day now I'll get back in the lab and start making competent cultures of the remaining knockout mutants (the RA and postdoc have posted a big list above my bench).

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