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Results on the Results

I spent yesterday continuing to sort out the Results section of our paper about how uptake sequences affect proteomes.

Because we've changed the order of topics several times, each time renumbering the new versions of the figures, the data files and figure files are a big mess. For example, data for one figure is in files variously named "Fig. 3", Fig. 5, "Fig. 6". "altFig5" ... you get the picture. The additional complication that I and my collaborator are on different sides of the continent has been mitigated by having a Google-Groups page where we have posted the recent files, albeit under a variety of names and figure-number attributions.

But now I have the Results in what I hope will be their final order. To keep the files straight I've created a folder for each section (Results-A, Results-B, etc) and put the associated data and figure files into it. (Previously I just had one folder for data and another for figures.) I'm hoping that this will let us keep the files together even if we do change the order of the sections.

Today it's checking over the Methods section (written by my collaborator - so should be fine) and the as-yet almost nonexistent Discussion (needs to be written by me).


  1. I am not sure what software you are using to write your paper, however you may wish to look into using LaTeX as it provides a very powerful referencing system that allows you to easily move figures around and maintain references to them even if their number has changed. It also allows you to do the same for entire subsections, sections, chapters, etc. all the while maintaining proper bibliographical and index referencing.

  2. I second LaTeX!
    My boss insist that I give him .doc files, but I always write everything in LaTeX as well.
    It's a shame that a lot of Journal are insisting that we should submit paper in the Microsoft Word format.
    LaTeX is free and open, just like science is!
    Love the blog idea for all the members of your lab by the way :D


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