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The end of term is approaching so I can see the light at the end of the teaching tunnel (mixed metaphor?).  Here's a list of the manuscript-related tasks on my plate:

Informal chapter for the feitschrift for John Roth:  The first draft is in the hands of the editors, who I hope will soon give me feedback on how to improve it.  The post-doc and undergrad also have it - I haven't had any feedback from them either.

Short essay for the ASM popular science book on Darwin and microbial evolution:  I'm working on this.  I need 2000 words and have about 1500.  It's turning into a nice discussion of how we can study natural selection in bacteria.  I should soon have a list of all the other authors and their topics, which will help me integrate mine.  I just reread the email invitation, and now realize that I'm supposed to include personal stuff about me as a scientist - maybe I will, maybe it won't fit.

Manuscript about regulation by E. coli Sxy:  This was gently rejected by J. Bacteriology (with the possibility of resubmission).  The post-doc first-author has now rewritten it for resubmission, with input from the former post-doc other-author, and she's now passed it on to me.  If it's OK we'll submit it this week. 

Manuscript on co-evolution of uptake sequences and proteomes:  This has been provisionally accepted by Genome Biology and Evolution.  I asked the bioinformatician coauthor for feedback -she sent me a short email with some questions I haven't responded to.  So the first step is to respond to her questions (well, after I re-read the reviewers' comments).  I'm hoping we won't need to do any substantial new work.

Manuscript on student writing and learning:  This has been languishing since my teaching-fellow post-docs left town.  It's nearly finished so I should get it done.

Manuscript on the perl model of uptake sequence evolution:  As I recall, this needs a bit more computer-simulation work and quite a bit more writing.  The post-doc senior author has moved to Toronto, but we should still be able to get this done.

Manuscript on the phylogeny of H. influenzae strains and competence:  This is the work of this same post-doc.  The manuscript was provisionally accepted, but with requests for substantial additional work.  Based on her past performance I'm confident that she will get this done, but I should touch bases with her about it.

Can that be all?  

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