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A new leaf?

I've been reading a little book called "How to write a lot" and I'm now abashed at how little I've been writing in this blog.  Nothing since December!  (Actually I have been writing in it lately, just not taking the final step of posting, because I find the blog format helps me to work on a book chapter that needs a conversational writing style.)  I'm going to get back to posting something every day, no matter how minor it has to be.

Yesterday the post-doc (I'm temporarily down to one, but a new one arrives next month!) presented some exciting data (I won't describe it until it's a bit more solid) that can be expanded by work with some old E. coli strains.  So I promised to draw up a detailed outline, spelling out the strains and their genotypes and how we'd use them.  

And we need to order the 'ECOR' collection of E. coli strains, and maybe some other strains that were recommended by a commenter on this blog a couple of years ago.  The ECOR collection is a set of a couple of dozen strains from very diverse human and animal sources - I don't yet know who we'd get them from.

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