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eyboard kaput

or the first time in about 25 years of computer use, 've spilled some liquid tea with milk and sugar into my keyboard. t's one of those lovely tiny apple aluminum wirelss keyboards. t wasn't very much tea, and quickly took out the batteries and rinsed the keyboard very thoroughly with distilled water and dried it overnight in the 378 incubator. ut it's toast. haracters type while holding the shift key down don't appear, and the 's' and 'f' keys tend to get stuck on strings of 'sssss' and 'fffff' showing up randomly. hat's not happening right now, but you can see the effects of the shift problem.

uckily ondon rugs has new ones on sale for 69, so 'll try to get one tonight.


  1. That sucks >.<;; I've always been scared of doing that to my laptop

  2. Trust me, Amaretto and beer are waaaay worse...

    ...not that it's based on empirical evidence or anything. ^_^

  3. No kidding Psi. I poured a pint of beer on my laptop a few months ago... Luckily the poor computer was saved by the diligent work of an unauthorized Mac repair shop (after three weeks).


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