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Keyboard rehab

I wondered if the death of my Apple aluminum keyboard might be not a direct consequence of the tea I spilled in it, but rather due to starchy goo created when the tea contacted the millions of nanoparticle-sized cracker crumbs that had probably slipped through the narrow gaps surrounding the keys over the last two years.

So I again took the batteries out, and washed it for a long time under warm running water, massaging the keys to loosen any crud stuck under them. Then I dried it over night in the 37°C incubator (the one with a fan that circulates warm dry air).

And voila - it works fine again!


  1. Good to know :) You gonna return the new keyboard now then? (Or has it not been purchased yet?)

  2. I think I won't bother returning the new one. It was quite cheap, and I'm betting it will come in handy down the road.


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