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Manuscript progress

The US variation manuscript is in the hands of my co-authors. They've taken a step that I thought might be needed but I had lacked the stamina to undertake - rearranging everything so it starts with the analysis of multiplicatively scored simulations rather than additively scored ones.

I didn't want to do this only because it would mean setting up and analyzing yet more simulation runs. That's because there were some variables for which I had good data for the additive case (which I was presenting), but less thoroughly done data for the multiplicative case. It's not that I had any reason to doubt that the multiplicative data I had was correct - it just wasn't sufficiently replicated to make good figures.

Luckily, now that my co-authors have dealt with the reorganization, there turn out to be only a few cases needing more work. I think most of these runs are now done, but I still have to analyze the results and generate figures.

But I've promised to have a semi-presentable version of our NIH proposal ready for the internal reviewers by Monday, so the US variation data analysis will have to wait until that's done.

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