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Last paragraph of the NIH proposal

I need to get it written in the next half hour, but my brain is jammed. Points it should make:
  • We're the best people to do this work. We have a unique combination of wonderful attributes.
  • The components of the work are well balanced. None is excessively risky, and later work is not dependent on the success of (or a particular outcome of) earlier work. Our preliminary results confirm that the basic strategy is robust.
  • The approach is cost-effective. Using genome sequencing to get answers about recombination is much cheaper than doing it with molecular biology, because of the breadth of information the sequences provide.
  • The results will give insights into the molecular mechanism of recombination.
  • The work is testing hidden assumptions about recombination. Over the past 60 years, studies of bacterial genetics have been forced to make assumptions about recombination events. These assumptions were reasonable, given the information available, but now we can finally test them.
  • The strains we will have sequenced are a resource for mapping clinically important phenotypes. They also provide a gold-standard control dataset for phylogenetic and epidemiological studies that must detect recombination.

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