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Two submissions down

The NIH proposal got submitted (it just needed a 9-digit zip code), and yesterday the former post-doc submitted our manuscript on uptake sequence variation. It looks pretty good so we decided to submit to Genome Biology, even though BioMed Central is not my favourite journal publisher.

Now I'm back to working on the CIHR proposal about the mechanism of DNA uptake. I have comments from the two internal reviewers. One thought it was pretty good proposal, and had lots of comments about ways to increase the clarity and improve the explanations. The other thought the global organization was quite bad - this was depressing but his suggestions were very good so we're doing a major reordering of the material.

Yesterday the postdoc and RA gave me their revisions to our Encyclopedia of Genetics entry on transformation. I did a bit of polishing, and now it's just about ready to go. They're working at the bench, along with our visiting grad student from China, but I think I'll have to wait until the CIHR grant is in to get to my bench.

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