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Revisions almost done

Today I finally finished what I very much hope is the last major revision of the uptake-sequence variation manuscript.  I've rewritten half of the Introduction and all of the Discussion, using my new non-adversarial, everyone-wins framework.  I've pulled together all the data for the supplementary table that serves only to show how quantitative our results are.  I've redrawn one figure with new data (same results as the old data).  I've gone back through the Responses to Reviewers, changing the responses to match what we've now improved.  I've started to draft a cover letter to the Editor.

Then I emailed everything to both my coauthors and to the three people in the lab (postdoc, RA and visiting researcher), asking for only essential changes and polishing of the writing.  With luck it will be resubmitted sometime next week, and with even more luck the critical reviewer will find our changes acceptable.

Now I've run out of excuses for not cleaning up my office.

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