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We got the CIHR proposal in about an hour ago.  And the postdoc submitted his paper on recombination tracts this weekend.  But he has to do it again, because he bypassed the PLoS Pathgpgens formatting system (because it made the figures almost illegible).

Next week, we both need to do posters for the International Human Microbiome meeting, happening here in Vancouver.


  1. "The postdoc" is actually a person with feelings. Publicly broadcasting petty mistakes is a form of abuse and is distinctly unprofessional.

    A postdoc is a fully-qualified scientist who enjoys none of the legal protections of a regular job. The hours are long but at least the salary is low.

    This postdoc is leaving research completely exactly because of this kind of behavior. You may think you are being cute, but it comes across as demeaning. I enjoy your comments on scientific issues, but this sort of passive-aggressive management-by-gossip is distasteful.

  2. Well I dont know the people involved but I certainly didn't read it that way. I think it's important to know how a slip up like that can cause a re-submission - how frustrating!


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