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Microbiome meeting poster

The postdoc and I are both doing posters for the International Human Microbiome Conference next week.  His is about his work on uptake specificity and mine is about his work on recombination tracts.

Because we've finished the manuscript on recombination tracts and submitted it, I'll be able to use the figures he prepared for my poster.  But I'm working on a new figure for the Background, one showing a mucosal epithelium with lots of bacteria and DNA in the mucus layer.  There will be several different shapes and colours of bacteria, in microcolonies and dispersed, and DNA fragments from all of them against a background of abundant human DNA.

I'll post it here when it's done (later today - the posters have to be finished by Monday so there's time to get them printed).  The postdoc could use it in his poster too if he likes.

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