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The postdoc's manuscripts

The postdoc and I have finished making revisions to his first manuscript (about recombination tracts, provisionally accepted by PLoS Pathogens).  He made a beautiful new figure summarizing all the data, and then did a very nice new analysis of sequence variation between the donor and recipient DNAs, which he turned into another lovely new figure.  Then he rewrote bits of the Results, and we rewrote most of the Discussion, with a lot of back and forth and some squabbling.  But now it's just about perfect, though he may be doing some (I hope tiny) final edits before resubmitting it.

He's out of town for a couple of weeks, working with his collaborator, and I'm turning my attention to his second manuscript (the one about uptake specificity).  We had originally hoped to get it submitted when our current CIHR grant proposal went in at the start of March, but it was far from ready.  And in the interim he has come up with better ways to analyze the data.  He wants to put off paper-writing until this new analysis is complete, but I think we should try to get the manuscript as close to finished as possible while the new data is being generated.  So I'm reading the very rough draft he gave me a few weeks ago, and getting ideas of what's needed. 

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