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Migrating isn't the best word for what's happening to this blog...

It's certainly not moving with the herd, or flock.  Emigrating maybe (leaving one population and joining another)?  The blog's home is moving from Blogger to Field of Science, a much more select and congenial environment.

For regular readers, nothing much should change, though I hope the pages will get better-looking.

For new readers I should explain what happens here.  I run a small research lab at the University of British Columbia; our lab home page is here.  As the blog header says (yes, it's too brusque and unfriendly; it'll change too), here I mainly write about the research that I and the members of my lab are doing, day to day.  This gives readers a slightly-sanitized window into the real research experience (best described as "Most scientists spend most of their time trying to figure out why their experiments won't work.").  I try to provide a bit of background to the experiments, but unless you're a regular reader you probably should just view these posts as brief glimpses of a scientist's thinking style.

Sometimes I also write about other ideas, or critique published research papers from other labs.  One such critique, of the NASA-sponsored research paper claiming that bacteria can put arsenic into their DNA in place of phosphorus, led to one of my current projects - testing that claim.  So far I've spent most of my time trying to figure out why the cells won't grow.

Now back to regular posting...


  1. Welcome, Rosie. So glad to see you here. I became a follower of yours after your careful "arsenic life" critique.

  2. Welcome to the [s]madhouse[/s] tribe, Rosie! For three whole weeks FoS will be 'dominated' by TWO UBC people ;-)


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