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My transformations worked, and I have thousands of what should be sxy purR double mutants. In fact I have thousands of double mutants for each of our five hypercompetence mutations.

Today I'll pick a single colony of each (starting from single colonies is the first rule of hygiene in bacterial genetics), and inoculate them so I can check that the mutants still are hypercompetent before I freeze them as lab stocks (checking strains before freezing them is the second rule of hygiene in bacterial genetics). I'll also streak them onto fresh kanamycin plates to give to the grad student who'll be testing the nucleotide effect.

And I just discovered that today it's my turn to do lab meeting! (I should have checked the schedule.) Luckily it's not until 3:30, and the posts I've been writing here should help me get my ideas organized.

1. Zinc test
2. purR test
3. motif searches

(The comic is from LabBratz.)


  1. That is great that your transformation worked! I guess we'll hear more about it at lab meeting. Nice comic.

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