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Paper progress

Yesterday we sent the revised and we hope finalized version back to the journal editor. The requested revisions were minor and we did them all (the first-author post-doc did them all), so we expect the manuscript to be accepted.

And I posted the latest draft of the manuscript about uptake sequences in bacterial proteomes onto the Google site my collaborator had set up for file sharing. This site is a nice tool for collaboration. Before we were emailing versions of figures back and forth, so that when I needed a file I'd have to search for the appropriate version on my computer, (and later discover that I had the wrong version). But now the versions are all available in one place on this site, so I can easily tell which is the one I want. (Yes, I could have/should have just sorted the emailed files into the right folders when they arrived on my computer. I did try to do this but I still wound up with a mess.)

Today the post-docs and I meet to begin our discussion of the old H. influenzae transformation literature (papers pre-1970 this time). And I'll try to find time to check the concentrations of our new RNA preps and run them in a gel to check quality; the collaborating lab would like to have them by Tuesday.

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