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Genome BC's submission software...

...can't keep its attachments straight.

I upload the budget spreadsheet on the Budget page, but it doesn't appear there. I log out, go back, and it's now on both the Budget page and the Letters of Support page. I upload some letters of support (as pdfs), and they appear in the right place, but the Suggested Referees pdf shows up on the Budget page. Log out, log back in, now the five publication pdfs are on the Publication page, now they've been replaced by the letters of support.

I have my fingers crossed, hoping that the various uploaded pdfs actually are correctly identified in the Genome BC server, and that the screw-up is just in where it tells me they are.

We're just assembling the final big pdf of the components that are submitted as one file (Cover pages and Lay Summary and scientific Summary and Proposal and References and Figures (with the glorious Gantt chart!) and Strategic Objectives and SWOT matrix and... and ...). Then we'll try to upload it onto the appropriate page of the submission program and see what happens next.

Followup: Submission appeared to work fine. But the system doesn't give you a pdf of the total submission that you can check for errors, just a nice green checkmark, so all I can do is hope that all the components are in the right places.

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  1. Great job!!! The process often seems to compound the stress of a grant as they are often so different agency to agency. I always feel the greatest sense of relief when submission is done and is successful.


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