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The horror!

List of all the components of our Genome BC proposal:
  1. Signature page
  2. Participating Organizations Signatures ( ≠ signature page)
  3. Co-applicants
  4. Lay summary
  5. Summary
  6. Proposal (5 pages, plus 5 for references, figures etc.)
  7. Gantt chart (to be included with figures)
  8. SWOT analysis matrix and explanatory statement
  9. Strategic Outcomes (???)
  10. Project team
  11. Budget (Excel spreadsheet provided)
  12. Co-funding strategy
  13. Budget justification
  14. Documents supporting budget justification
  15. Suporting documents for co-funding
  16. List of researchers on the 'team' (just me and the post-doc?)
  17. Researcher profile for me
  18. Researcher profile for the post-doc
  19. List of collaborators and support
  20. Publications (we can attach five relevant pdfs)
  21. Certification forms form
  22. Biohazard certification form (we're supposed to get one especially for this proposal, but only if the project is approved)
It's due Tuesday Nov. 3 (yes, the day after tomorrow!), I guess by midnight as I can't find any other time listed. I made a start at the online submission form a few days ago, but now I can log into their site but I can't access the work I've already done! There are no active links on the page that shows the application I started! (OK- solved that problem - this is some sort of Flash app, and I needed to double-click on the project title.)


  1. That is obscene!! It's high time an assessment was done on the point of all this blather. Grants are gigantic now and the time taken to write them increasingly obscene. Ok, Genome BC grants are usually high value, but is all this really necessary for producing good science and value for money for funding agencies? Me thinks not.

  2. Good luck! Looks like oodles of fun...

    So am I at the most sciencey part of my science career at the moment? (as an undergrad...)

  3. jeez! I thought my Morris Animal Foundation grant was nasty...

  4. I may gripe about the administrivia, but I just keep reminding myself that I do my best scientific thinking when I'm writing proposals.


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