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Now, where was I?

Things to get back to, now the Genome BC grant is done:

Work on the US-variation manuscript: My co-author sent me her comments on the first draft a coupe of weeks ago but I have yet to read them. And I have a lot of new data from simulations that took days and weeks to run. Five more have been running for 3-4 weeks and are still not done - unfortunately I don't have a way to check how close to finishing they are. Each simulation writes very frequent updates to its output file, but but these aren't appearing in the interim copy of the file I can download. I want to get a better draft back to the co-author by the middle of the month.

Optical tweezers work: I'll make my first 'training visit' to the physics lab across town next week, so I need to at least think about what I want to accomplish. Perhaps it's time to get back in the lab and get my hands wet.

NIH proposal: We need to use the momentum from the Genome BC proposal to do serious work on our NIH proposal. It's not due until the start of February, but we need to have a reasonable draft done by Christmas. We should get our first draft done by the end of November (sooner = better).

What else? Our overall short-term plan is to focus on work that will improve the NIH proposal and (if necessary) the CIHR resubmission. The post-doc is going to work on the sample-preparation parts of the NIH work - to show that we can indeed prepare DNAs with the properties we need. The Research Associate is working on CIHR-related problems; my optical tweezers work fits this too. What can I be doing for the NIH proposal, besides writing and getting the US-variation manuscript done?

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