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CSWA: John Hofmeister (Citizens for Affordable Energy)

An inflammatory speech by the former CEO of Shell Oil.  He says we Canadians should be very afraid because of how the US is changing.  The 'Holier than thou* (HTT)' crowd vs the 'We like the way things are (WLTWTA)' crowd.  The military-industrial complex is a big problem...  Obama despises hydrocarbon,  but the US economy runs on oil, and produces only a small fraction of what it uses.  And our lives run on personal mobility.  Supplies of oil to the US from other countries will dwindle as demand from China and India increase.

I'm having a hard time figuring out where he's going..  He just said that the US and Canada are blessed with more energy than we will ever need.  It's true only if we include unlimited nuclear energy, but not otherwise.

He seems to be saying that it's all the government's fault that 'the system is broken'.  The 'grass-roots' citizens need a clear view of the energy disaster they face, and, I guess, should demand higher energy production from all sources.  Go back to the past and ???  Something about the Federal Reserve Bank?  We need an independent regulatory agency for energy, with a long term so it's independent of short-term political forces, and with the a uthority to
  • Set energy supply
  • Make technology decisions
  • Manage environmental issues
  • Ensure infrastructure is built.

*The term 'holier than thou' is a great pejorative, putting people in the wrong for being right.

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