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CSWA: Minding the Brain: Advances in Protecting and Repairing the Central Nervous System

Summary:  The human brain and spinal cord control our muscles, eyesight, breathing and memory. An interdisciplinary panel of scientists explores how we might repair the damaged central nervous system, and protect the aging brain against dementia, Alzheimer’s disease and stroke.
Moderator: Karen Thomas, Alberta Innovates
Marc Poulin, University of Calgary
Robert Sutherland, University of Lethbridge
SamuelWeiss, University of Calgary

(More 'real scientists', all male)

Poulin:  missed this brief talk

Sutherland:  Hippocampus - decline of memory function with aging.

Weiss:   Myelination, multiple sclerosis and women:  In female mice, nurturing as an infant correlates with better myelination (more oligodendrocytes) as an adult.  There's an epigenetic effect, as their offspring have better oligodendrocytes too.  And (in mice) prolactin stimulates oligodendrocyte production, perhaps explaining why pregnancy promotes remission in women with MS.

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