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How dumb do (a couple of) our students think we are?

Email I just received from a couple of undergraduates:
 HI Dr.Rosie Redfield,

Here's a chance to represent UBC's Zoology Science Department.

The annual Science Week Events Committee , organized by the Science Undergraduate Society, would like to invite you to join our event on Thursday, January 26th, 2012 at 12:30-1:45.

As you may know, Science Week, is a week-long (form January 23rd - January 27th), multi-events celebration which allows students to show off their UBC pride while rewarding them for their first term achievements. So far we have jell-O wrestling, jeopardy, and a scavenger hunt. Although, we realized something was missing...(*1)

This year, we have added a new event to our venue, called the "Professor Pageant".  UBC Professors, like yourself, will be participating in the pageant and showcasing their popularity, attitude and talents (*2). Only one competitor will come out on top, however,  each participant will go home with a special customized award.

We would like to invite you to join us because you are deemed awesome (yes, awesome) by an overwhelming consensus among students (*3). This is an opportunity that you do not want to miss! (*4)

We would love to hear from you and provide more details. Also, if you would like to suggest any of your colleagues (open to all faculties), please provide their name so we could can invite them accordingly!


(Names withheld to protect the naive.)

(*1):  Maybe it's "science"?

(*2):  Ooh, why didn't anyone tell me that's what I'm valued for?

(*3)  Somehow these students neglected to complete their  evaluations of my teaching.

(*4)  Oh yes I do!


  1. Amazed and ConfusedJanuary 9, 2012 at 5:08 AM

    Oh come on Rosie... be a good sport and play along. Your awesomeness is legendary! You could stop at the pound a pick up some cute puppies. Or for really large production value - get a horse to ride in on; maybe some firecrackers?

    Seriously though... this really is a head scratcher. Are all the serious Science Undergraduate Society members too busy learning and doing science to have a minute to help?

  2. Please do not judge us all on the actions of a few XD

  3. I was treated to much the same when I took a tour around campus with my teenage son. I had so much trouble holding back my gag reflex. I should have tried some humour instead. And oh, the hurt looks when I didn't want to join in a game. I thought this was a university. Love your humour.


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