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CRP-S manuscript submitted!

We decided to send it to Nucleic Acids Research, because this journal has a strong reputation and is read by everyone who works on CRP.

For us, getting a manuscript to the submission stage is the limiting step. We have lots of results that haven't made it across this hurdle.

Here's my first within-blog link: PDF of the CRP-S manuscript. I hope it works.

And I'll also try to put a semi-permanent link to this manuscript in the sidebar. "Semi-permanent" because I hope we'll soon be able to replace it with a link to the published version.


  1. Congratulations on submission. And good on you for posting the submitted PDF - another step towards open science! I wonder when (if) biology will see an offical preprint server.

  2. Congrats on submisson. The link works very well!


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