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Some more topics I should write about (in no particular order):
  • The Perl model of USS evolution.
  • comE1 knockout phenotype.
  • Role of pilB in DNA uptake (lack of pilT)
  • How to test whether Sxy kisses CRP.
  • Recombineering.
  • Back to Bayes-ics.
  • Laser tweezers and DNA uptake.
  • Sub-inhibitory antibiotic effects.
  • The search for an Ery-resistant mutant.
  • Testing the H. influenzae genome in E. coli.
  • Competence in natural populations.
  • How purine nucleotides might affect competence induction.
  • Competence and maybe hypercompetence in A. pleuropneumoniae.
  • Growth and DNA uptake in mucus.
  • How might DNA get across the outer membrane.
  • Whether USSs help DNA to bend.
  • How mutant MurE might turn on sxy.
  • The reason(s?) bacteria take up DNA.

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