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No real results yet

The first experiment didn't produce much in the way of results.  Mostly because of a strain-name mixup that had me trying to transform kanamycin-resistant cells with a kanamycin-resistance marker...  (certainly not the first time I've made that kind of mistake).  The other transformations gave somewhat-unexpected results, but I hadn't done the proper controls for them so it's all still inconclusive.

I'm going to switch to transformations with simple nutritional markers (sugar use, amino acid requirements), but I'll need to first make some DNA from the donor cells (W3110), and then make lots of minimal plates with glucose or other sugars.  I think I can just spread the required amino acids on the plates as needed, rather than pouring plates with particular amino acids in the agar.

But first I have to deal with the problem of too many freshman biology exams to grade and too few graders to do the grading.  Then some Excel-wrangling, then I'm done with teaching for a long time.

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