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One manuscript accepted, another resubmitted

Our manuscript on the coevolution of uptake sequences and bacterial proteomes has been accepted for the inaugural issue of Genome Biology and Evolution.  This is the one that's been ten years in the making!

And our manuscript on the CRP-S regulon of E. coli has been resubmitted.  It was rightfully trashed by the editors in its previous incarnation (mostly for claiming what it didn't deliver), but now we think it's very good.

And classes are over!  Still lots of teaching stuff to deal with - I have 24 term papers discussing whether intelligent design is a scientific alternative to natural selection, and a final exam to compose - but I've started excavating the stack of research-related paper on my office floor.  Today I expect to reach the layer of drafts and data for our Perl-model of uptake sequence evolution.  As I recall, much of the draft manuscript is already written, and only bit more simulation data is needed.  

And maybe by Monday I can get into the lab...

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