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Tne Sxy in E. coli manuscript

About 2 weeks ago (maybe even longer) the RA gave me what was supposed to be the final version of our manuscript about what Sxy does in E. coli. She and the former post-doc had laboured over the revisions (we had convinced the editor to treat it as a 'revise and resubmit' rather than an absolute never-darken-our-door-again rejection), and I was just supposed to suggest a few minor improvements in the writing.

Instead I found lots of problems, so she and I have spent much of the last 10 days revising and re-polishing the sentences, and changing parts of the text, and completely replacing the Discussion, and making the figures clearer. Finally we have a version to send to the former post-doc for final approval. We think it's now quite good, and we certainly don't want to d any more writing, so he's been strictly warned that he's not allowed to make any substantive changes to the text, except maybe to the Discussion, which still needs a final paragraph.

Here's hoping we can submit this one on Monday.

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